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Eight Tips Students Can Easily Start Earning Money Online

Students are full of passion while growing up and there is a constant drive inside them to become financially dependent. The excitement level in them is so high as they are planning on entering the work-life. But, due to lack of career counseling they are worried about how to make money as a student?

If you are one of those students as well then you don’t have to worry as we are sharing some tips in this blog. These tips are going to guide you on how to make money as a student.

You can not only manage your studies but also be part-time managing your job and can earn some money. Nowadays, more and more students are self-aware of having a decent job that can pay their bills.

These tips are not only limited to students only, but housewives can get the most benefit out of it too.

Here below, we are sharing some extremely important ways through which you can make money online:


1) Hey! Welcome To My YouTube Channel


This is the famous tagline used by every YouTube channel maker. YouTubers like Anwar Jibawi, PewDiePie, and Mr. Beast all started when they were very young. If you have the talent and creativity and you’re able to express yourself on screen, then this might be the best chance to try your luck. You can start your own YouTube channel and can create stuff you like.

The more you learn about it and start making your content regularly, you’ll start to attract subscribers to your channel.

Once you’ve made your name as the YouTube creator, there will be many brands waiting for you to endorse their brand. If you can make funny videos, make DIY videos, or even do ASMR, there are going to be some audience that likes your content.


2) Students Can Become An Insta Influencer


If you are a housewife who cooks delicious food or if you are a guy with amazing singing skills, then you can influence millions of people. There are many pages on Instagram where women are cooking delicious foods and not only doing business but also sharing their recipes. These women have already gained a million followers and many food companies collaborate with them to market their products.

The same goes with a guy who has a melodious voice and somehow knows how to play guitar. He too can gain many followers just by singing and playing guitar. I’ve seen many artists picked from streets or a random video and some music director signing them to do playback singing.

The point is similar to making your own YouTube channel.  On Instagram, you too can go and express yourself and engage with the audience.

Best of luck with your Insta journey!


3) Assist Students With Online Tuitions


Being a senior student of college or university, you can give online tuition to your juniors. Pick a subject of your interests like English, Mathematics, and History. Nowadays, after the Covid-19 students are studying online and everyone is taking help from different online tutors.

Make your website and show your presence, the students will reach out to you and can ask you to become their online tutor.

Register yourself on websites like PaperCoach, Chegg, and Eduboard. You can be a finance assignment helper and give your services too on different websites.


4) LinkedIn, Fiverr, And Upwork Are Student’s Best Friends


Students who are skillful and have a certain set of skills like content writing, academic writing, virtual assistants, product hunting, Amazon, and making logos. A lot of money can be earned on these online platforms just by being active. People can bid on you on certain skills and once they find your satisfactory. You get a rating. If your rating is 4.5- 4.8 out of 5, then you can easily earn $15 to $20 per hour.


5) Translate And Earn


Do you remember those days when you were enrolled in foreign language classes? Those classes are going to pay off now because nowadays there are many online jobs. If you’re one of those people who like to watch French, Spanish TV series on Netflix, then the doors are wide open for you.

Apply as a subtitles editor on any video streaming site or become a YouTube transcriber where you can write captions on videos.

This will also help you learn more about the languages you’ve learned.

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6) Go To Paid To Click Sites


Remember you woke up to your notification sound on WhatsApp and saw a link shared by your friend to click and earn. I know how frustrating it would have been for you but I have a piece of good news for you. There are many sites on the internet which allow you to participate in paid to click.

We all waste our time playing video games and watching videos. What if we start getting paid sites? These sites have many games and videos you can watch and earn. Many companies pay you to watch their advertisements.

Students who usually have screen time of around 3-4 hours, can spend these hours to earn online. They can fill out some questionnaires, conduct a survey, watch 30-sec ads, and do many other things.

Here is the list of some trusted Paid To Click sites you can earn from:

  • I sense
  • InboxDollar
  • Paidverts

If you need more information related to PTC sites, you can search it on Google and get more websites.


7) Digital Marketing Is The New Trend


Digital Marketing is growing rapidly around the world and more and more companies are looking for people to serve their market their service/business. They require the small effort of marketing and need skillful people to run their webpage.

Every business wants to be socially present and that’s why this digital marketing field is offering jobs to people who know Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Graphic designing.

The best thing about these jobs is they don’t require any degree. If a student is well-aware of these skills, he can easily earn a lot.


8) Bring Your Photography Skills Into Action


A lot of people have a habit of clicking a random picture of the sky and posting it. Some people are naturally good at taking breathtaking pictures so, in my opinion, they should try their luck online. You don’t even need DSLR to take pictures, just clicking random pictures and putting them up online can bring you a lot of audiences.

You can also sell these pictures online on platforms like 500px, Shutter Stock, Etsy, Getty Images.




When I was a student, I went through all the pressure of daily work at school. Keeping these things in mind, we plan to share some valuable ways you can earn money online. Wherever you live, these tips are applicable to you and you can make the most out of them.

Money is really important. If these skills can bring you good money, you can take care of your own pocket money and manage your expenses.

It’s better to keep yourself busy in these jobs rather than binge-watching Netflix series.
I hope these tips can motivate you to become to take charge of your life and be responsible about having your own job.

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