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Perfect Structure Of The Dissertation With 10000 Words

Dissertation writing is not a simple task. It is one of the lengthiest processes that can take months of the students while working hard to adjust to the dissertation’s needs. Students have to tackle the unexpected factors throughout the process of writing and researching for the dissertation. Therefore, the students must have a good and complete knowledge of the structure before jumping into dissertation writing details. If you get a complete idea about the dissertation structure according to the requirement of the word count, the entire process of dissertation writing will become effective and easy for you.

How To Organise Your Dissertation Structure?

Understanding the dissertation structure can solve many types of problems that you might face without comprehending the dissertation structure effectively. Once you have comprehended each and every requirement of the structure, make sure that you also focus on the requirements of each chapter and its components. Every component of the dissertation is specifically targeted for a certain objective of the research. Therefore, ensure that you know what to write in different components of the chapters so that each chapter and the entire dissertation collectively achieve its objectives and goals significantly.

What Are The Chapters Of The Dissertation?

The complete academic dissertation is based on the 5 chapters. All of these chapters are additionally divided into various components that complete each chapter requirements. Students have to make sure that they have understood each and every requirement of the chapter and its components in order to get the best results of the dissertation.

Before talking about the chapters and components of the dissertation’s structure, ensure that if your dissertation supervisor has provided you with some specific guidelines try to follow the same.

Let’s see the breakdown of these chapters in detail;

Chapter# 1: The Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Background Of The Problem
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose Of The Study
  • Research Questions
  • Significance Of The Study
  • Definitions
  • Limitations And Assumptions
  • Conclusion

Chapter# 2: Literature Review

  • Introduction
  • Description Of The Research
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Review Of The Research

Chapter# 3: Research Methodology

  • Introduction
  • Research Design
  • Hypothesis And Research Questions
  • Sample And Population
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Conclusion

Chapter# 4: Results And Findings

  • Introduction
  • Results And Findings
  • Conclusion

Chapter# 5:  Summary

  • Introduction
  • Summary Of Results And Findings
  • Conclusion Based On Hypothesis And Research Questions
  • Discussion
  • Recommendation For Future Research
  • Conclusion

Mentioned above is a complete structure of the dissertation along with its components. You need to understand the requirements and demands of each of its components if you want the desired results for research and writing an academic paper.

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Breakdown Of 10000 Words In The Dissertation

Most students cannot understand the breakdown of words into the sections of the dissertation. Every part of the dissertation has its own requirements of word limits which cannot be exceeded at any cost. You need to calculate the exact percentage of the words to be incorporated in every section of the dissertation’s structure. Let’s see how should you break down the words requirement throughout every section of the dissertation.

The structure and the dissertation breakdown is the first thing that students need to understand before starting working on the research process. Once you understand the requirements for each chapter, whether it is for the word count limits for incorporating the information into the sections, believe me, the entire process will become significant and easy simultaneously.

Understanding the requirements of every chapter three sets the pace of your presentation based on which you can easily understand what to do and what to avoid throughout the process of research. However, the requirements of the word count limits can vary from college to college and university to university. Therefore, make sure that you comprehend the entire guidelines of the teachers and follow the same for the desired results.

Let’s see the requirements of world limits and detail for each chapter of the dissertation;

The Introduction: (10% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The first and the most important chapter of the dissertation is the introduction. This entire chapter of the dissertation should be 10% of the total word count of 10000 or as per the requirement of your instructor. So if you are writing a dissertation consisting of 10000 words then your introduction chapter should be 1000 that makes 10% of 10,000. It is necessary to provide a brief introduction of the selected topic of your research whilst eating the research questions and research objectives at the same time.

The prime objective of the introduction chapter is to give a good overview to the targeted audience about what is actually you are going to pursue throughout your research and dissertation writing. One of the reasons why the introduction chapter is the most important one is that it allows you to grab the attention of the readers from the very beginning of the document so that they can continue to read the same until the end. Don’t miss this opportunity and produce a well-crafted introduction to attract the readers.

I would strongly recommend you avoid providing extra details in the introduction section as a literature review is a chapter where you have to provide excessive details of the selected topic. You can also get professional help for writing an introduction of a dissertation.

The Literature Review: (30% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The literature review is the most important chapter of the dissertation as it is being regarded as the heart of your dissertation. Your literature review of the dissertation should consist of 30% of the total word count of your dissertation. So according to the percentage, 3000 would be the total word count of your dissertation if you are writing at 10000 words for the entire document.

The main objective of the Literature reviews is to provide complete details on the selected topic so that readers can understand your claims and arguments throughout the writing. Throughout the process of writing a literature review, you have to find and label the gaps in the literature as well. Finding and addressing the gap in the literature would help you to make the most suitable and appropriate methodological approach according to the selected topic. Furthermore, it will help you to find in propose to most appropriate solutions to the research questions and to make a strong position in the literature about the existing knowledge for the selected topic of the dissertation.

Research Methodology: (20% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

Research methodology is one of the chapters where you have to define the selected methods of your research. The total word count of your research methodology should be 20% of your overall word count which makes 2000 out of the total 10000 words. Here you have to provide the complete structure and style of the thesis. Furthermore, you also have to analyse the collected data and evaluate the same using the selected research methods.

However, writing the structure of the dissertation is the most difficult one because the implementation of research methodologies can be tough for the students. The best way to cope up with the challenges is to get professional help in order to find the right direction of pursuing your research methodology in the dissertation paper.

Results And Findings: (30% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The results and finding chapter of the dissertation should consist of 30% of the total word count. So, in the case of writing a 10000 words dissertation, your complete results in finding a chapter should be 500 words. Always ensure that you provide the necessary details along with the analysis of your results and findings in this section.

Conclusion: (10% Of The Total Word Count Of 10000)

The conclusion is the final and most significant chapter of your dissertation. It should consist of 10% of the total word count of 10000. So your conclusion would be 1000 words if you are writing a 10000 words dissertation.

Problems You Might Face When Working On A Dissertation

What are the most common issues that should have to faced while working on the dissertation? Well, it is a common problem among the students as writing a dissertation is the most important and most probably the final activity the students have to do before earning their degree. You might not have heard that from anyone that writing a dissertation is an easy task, it is the most daunting thing for the students as it demands a good interest with the best time management skills in order to manage the entire dissertation writing as per the standards.

If you want the best and the desired results of dissertation writing make sure that you are passionate about the selected topic. This is one of the reasons why students are always recommended to select a topic of their interest. What is addition writing is something that requires your attention so that you can easily and effectively answer the questions that are must throughout the process of analysis, research, and writing.

Here are few basic problems that students have to deal with while working on their dissertation;

Inappropriate Hypotheses And Research Questions

Constructing research questions and hypothesis is the most important factor of the dissertation. They act as the main pillars of the dissertation on which the entire work will be based. Normally students get stuck while creating hypotheses and Research questions due to a lack of understanding of the process.

The hypothesis should be based upon the dependent and independent variables that you have selected. The nature of the hypothesis should be the claims that you are providing in your dissertation, and at the end of your thesis if you have to explain whether your hypothesis is accepted or rejected on the basis of logic, facts, figures and overall findings. Similarly, research questions define the approach of your research whether you have conducted a qualitative, quantitative method or mixed-method throughout the process of research. You have to make sure that your answer each of your research questions to give a better understanding to the targeted audience and to make your research more authentic at the same time.

Indefinite Timelines Of Submission

Normally every academic activity has a specific timeline and students have to submit their tasks while staying within the deadlines. Dissertation is one of the activities for which students can get even a whole year to work. One of the basic problems among the students is the issue of procrastination. They think that they have a whole year to work on their dissertation and keeps delaying their work. Students normally end up with a remaining single month or a couple of weeks before submission when they start working on the dissertation.

This may cause a huge problem for the students as it is not something like your daily assignments. Ensure that start working on new dissertation research in writing from the very beginning of the period when it is assigned to you so that you can give a proper time to each and every chapter and section of the dissertation for the desired and top quality results.

A Huge Volume Of Literature

It is difficult for the students to deal with the huge and relevant literature throughout the dissertation. This is why students are provided with an ample amount of time to work on their dissertation so that taken research on the literature and gather the information to incorporate in the writing of the dissertation.

There is a whole chapter of literature review which is the most lengthy and significant part of the dissertation. The literature review consists of at least 40% of the total word count of a dissertation. So, you can get an idea of how much you have to work hard to write a literature review for your dissertation. This is why students are recommended to pay proper attention to the research process in order to get the credible and relevant information to be used in the year literature review.

Maintaining The Quality Of Writing

Writing a dissertation requires a good grip on some of the basic set of skills and writing is among the most important ones. A dissertation requires good writing skills if you want the best and the desired results. Normally dissertation contains more than 10000 words and it is almost impossible to write this huge amount of words without having good writing skills.

The best practice to enhance and polish your writing skill is to work on your daily assignments with interest and hard work. When you practice writing on a daily basis it automatically helps you to develop and polish your writing skills in the most effective way.

Lack Of Focus

As we have already discussed a dissertation is entirely different from every other academic assignment that you have to deal with on a daily basis. It demands complete focus throughout the process of research and writing a dissertation.

Students normally lack in this requirement as it is difficult for the students to maintain their focus in a single direction straight away. However, the best practice to maintain your focus throughout the process is to take short breaks when working on a dissertation but don’t divert your mind to any other activity when working on the dissertation. Still, if you find any difficulty to focus on your tasks, you can also get assignment writing help.


Plagiarism is yet another most basic problem that every other student have to face for each academic activity that is entirely based on writing. It is really difficult for the students to stay clear from plagiarism when working on the dissertation specifically. It’s because they have to provide certain information from various relevant sources to incorporate the same in the dissertation writing. However, students must follow the right procedures if they want to stay away from plagiarism.

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