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Characteristic Analysis Of Precis Writing With Examples


Writing in any structure is exhausting and challenging except if you really have the competency and skills to convey through the power of your words. Writing in other words is an absolute art, achieving command in which is quite tough. You need profoundly innovative abilities, yet in addition, should focus completely to have the option to create an exceptionally compelling piece of composing. Additionally, there are various writing types, which have their particular style and format, regarding their purpose.


Each future student trusts that life at university or college is fun and amusing with a couple of assignments occasionally. In any case, that dream ends when they face reality and need to finish many different assignments with a tough schedule. While a few students are devoted to their studies, others just need to appreciate youth and every one of the advantages of free life. Sadly, students can’t miss cutoff times, as it might bring about low grades and even impact a degree.


Being a student, you are given various assignments as a part of your schedule. However, there are numerous upsides and downsides of homework, still, homework has consistently shown to be a productive exercise. The assignments are given to test your knowledge and your capacity to depict your concepts and thoughts with the help of words. In this blog, we will detail one such type of writing, which you will compose various times, as a part of your assignment. It is known as Precis writing, which independently as well as with other presentation or composition assignments, builds a significant piece of your curriculum of assignments in your academic life.


At the point when you need to compose a paper for submission, precis writing in English is definitely perhaps the most troublesome assignment. Few out of every student knows what’s going on with this assignment, so we have gathered all the important information to discuss how to write a precis, how it needs to be done, and what essential components you should know.


Moreover, In the business world, Precis writing is viewed as vital expertise. It gives a decent impression of your understanding and whenever done well allows you to outshine others. That is the reason a good focus should be given to composing a precis. So, we should start to become familiar with information about it. We will learn how to write precis in English, the importance of precis writing, precis Assignment writing tips, precis writing do’s, and don’ts, its structure, rules, etc.


Along these lines, if your university professor has given you an assignment for precis writing and you are wondering how to write an assignment for university you do not have to worry much. Our blog will give you a detailed guide in case you are running out of time or you have priority things to look for you can also take help from precise Assignment writing online. A number of students take inquires to the web-like, ‘how to do assignment writing’ or ‘Do my assignment online – if you are one of those you can find numerous assignment writing services catering to the precis writing in English by the professional writers on board.


What is Precise Writing

You are sitting in class fantasizing and unexpectedly you hear the professor announcing homework. He’s talking about precise writing. But “What is a precis?”


As the name says, Precis writing is written in a precise structure. It is derived from the French word précis, which signifies “a concise summary.” The literal meaning of the word cute is short or precise.


It is the summary or the importance of any paragraph that is to be composed. You are given this assignment as a part of your curriculums, by your professor to analyze your command for producing a short and brief piece of writing.


A precis writing conveys a kind of summary of the paragraph by using minimal words. It needs to, in an entire passage, convey every one of the significant points of the section in a less difficult and simpler way. The thought process of Precis writing is to introduce the reader to the understanding of the paragraph by imparting the information in a short structure. However, unlike a summary that shortens and presents the main thoughts only, a precis talks about everything in one-third portion to the original paragraph. It is to the point and clear summary of the vital thoughts of a passage, however, it is more detailed than a summary. It is not just a summarized text. When requested to write a precis, ensure that the core points are being reflected alongside its mood and tone, etc.


The way to compose a précis is to keep it straightforward and concise with a defined and clear structure. You might be given a summary of an informative article, thesis, or some other published work.


For the most part, students like you mistake Precis writing for paraphrasing too at times, yet initially, it is not quite the same as the last mentioned. In paraphrasing, you should cover every one of the points of the report. However, in precis writing, you are simply needed to incorporate the significant points of the paragraph and afterward present it as a summary.


Importance of Precis Writing

The core purpose for a precis is to introduce dependably and faithfully, making it as clear as possible, the significant ideas of the choice being “cut down.” In order to get a handle on the central concept, you should read cautiously, reflectively, and analytically. Look into the implications and meanings of the words and expressions regarding which you are having any doubts.


It assists them with focusing on the reading as nobody composes without reading it beforehand thoroughly. Precis writing makes one learn to read with focus. It further develops my writing skills as well. It permits one to offer their ideas briefly, clearly, and viably.


With regards to the business world – today, every business owner and top leader is compelled to be occupied to win the competition. They have less time to spend reading newspapers, correspondences, magazines, announcements by the government, journals, etc. They require central matters of communication and other things. Hence, an individual is asked to read the entire passage and present the significant points in the form of precis. This process includes precis writing.


How To Write Precis Writing? – The Format

If you are looking for the answer to how to write precisely in English particularly in regards to the format, Precis outline is similar to an essay; it consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.



The introduction comprises of the following:

  • Title
  • Publishing date within parenthesis
  • The thesis
  • The author
  • A verb to represent the thesis


Introduction Precis Example

Jason Moore’s article, ‘Factors that influence children from incomplete families’ (2017), enumerates all the possible factors, which have a negative impact on children and push them to commit crimes.


  • Body

The body of the precis has separate passages committed to each part of the original piece of work where you present the thoughts, reasoning, and ideas of the author. Remember that you can’t offer your own interpretation or perspective; instead, your concentration needs to be to analyze the interpretation of the primary thought or issue by the author.


Body example

In his article Reading is no longer popular’ (2002), Henry Smith demonstrates that Americans read like never before, though common assessment is entirely unique. Particularly this articulation concerns a wide range of ‘high culture’ writing. Smith upholds his thoughts on current reading with measurements and realities, which make a comparison of reading practices. He additionally challenges current assumptions by addressing the perks of reading. He will probably demonstrate that reading stays well known and remind us how significant it is intended for our culture. He has an exceptionally current and vivacious way, as he attempts to reach out to youngsters and urge them to devote more time to reading.


  • Conclusion

With your conclusion just revise the primary idea with no personal statements.


Precis Assignment Writing Tips

At the point when you are going through a guide about how to write precis writing it is important to know some tips that can assist you with delivering a well-written precis. A good precis shows the skills of writing in an individual. It should have the accompanying characteristics.


  • Accuracy

Mistakes and errors in your compositions consistently disturb the reader. They are not deliberate, but there is not any justification for them to be left without being corrected. At the time of composing or forming a precis, the author should guarantee that the statistical points are correct. Sentence structuring and spellings of words should be right in light of the fact that a single mix-up in construction and spelling might ruin the message.


  • Coherence

Coherence implies the sensible and clear interconnection of thoughts in a composed piece of work. A well-composed precis needs to have great fluidity. The thoughts which are introduced in a precis should have a logical flow of connection and they all need to be interrelated. In short, we might say that the thoughts need to be all around weaved so the author may not be confused and lose his interest.


  • Clarity

Clarity refers to making your message clear with the goal that the receiver can get what the writer is attempting to impart. It is the fundamental and core need of a precis. The thoughts need to be clear and justifiable. There should not be any uncertainty in your composition. The author can have clearness by utilizing basic language and basic structure. In case that your precis is not easy to understand to the reader, it will lose its significance and implications for the reader.


  • Conciseness

It is an advantageous quality of a good precis. Conciseness means to say all that should be said and nothing more. The author needs to compose what is important and try not to include pointless information. A concise piece of work passes on the message in the least potential words. Yet, one point should be remembered that the writer need not preclude some essential and fundamental facts to accomplish conciseness.


  • Objectivity

Objectivity alludes to the capacity to present or view facts without opinions, sentiments, and personal perspective. While making a precis, the writer needs to embrace an objective approach. He should not give or add his personal conviction and thoughts in a precis. A precis need to be absolutely a summary of the original text with no expansion.


  • Completeness

One more striking component of a précis is completeness. A precis needs to be finished in all regards. Completeness means the writer needs to remember every one of the significant facts for a precis. To make it short he must not discard the important points. This error with respect to the author will ruin the significance and meaning of the precis.


Rules Of Precis Writing

Precis writing is quite possibly the most demanding task that asks for the investment of extensive time from your side. You need to have solid abilities of comprehension and understanding along with the capacity to relate and introduce the concept well, to excel in precis writing.


Here are some basic rules, following which you can master in precis writing.


  • Objective Approach

A writer needs to have an objective approach to work on the precis writing. The individual needs to refrain from adding any new content outside of the original text like his personal ideas.IT only requires summing up the important points and ideas in a logical order.


  • One Paragraph

There are higher chances that you find more than one – say two or more – in a text. However, while writing the precis the writer needs to make sure that all the ideas are written in one paragraph efficiently.


  • Rough Draft

After excluding all the superfluous points, the writer should get on preparing a rough draft to finalize it.


  • Final Draft

After completing and going through the rough draft you must have pointed out several errors and mistakes in the draft. Work on editing it and finalizing it in a better version for your audience.


  • Be Unique

While composing, you need to consistently guarantee that you compose each sentence yourself. No maintenance of the significant expressions or sentences should be done from the original content, which coordinates that each sentence needs to be in the most original. A précis should be written in your own words and the writer should abstain from borrowing words from the original passage.


  • Comprehend The Topic Of The Section

The first and the main thing is to completely read and grasp the purpose and idea for the passage. By understanding the subject, you get to obviously see the significant focus points, which further assist you in writing a short and crisp summary.


  • Underlining

Underline and mark the significant thoughts and fundamental focuses from the original text.


  • Precis Of A Dialogue

It is important to remember expressing the precis of a conversation or dialogue in a narrative form.


  • Avoid Copying From The Original Text

In precis writing, you need to painstakingly shape the structure of a sentence, by keeping the vibe of the points alive. Keep in mind, you can’t copy similar sentences, you should consistently rewrite them proficiently.


  • Omission

Exclude all the superfluous information and details or the long expressions which could be replaced by a single word. Every one of the adverbs and adjectives can likewise be overlooked to make a precise good. On the other hand, while making a precis, the writer should never exclude the important points and thoughts which are fundamental to be depicted.


  • A Reflection Of Your Knowledge

The Precis writing needs to at each point exhibit the writing skills you have. From the language of the composition to the suitable use of words, each and every step should show high flawlessness and greatness. This alongside assisting you with framing a positive impact on your professor, additionally helps you with acquiring self-refection. This further permits you to get higher scores in your school task.


  • Use Statistics And Facts

The numbers and the facts help to keep up with the originality and genuineness of the content by giving it credibility. It additionally assists with maximizing the quality of your composition and even forms the interest of the reader in the topic you chose. Subsequently, you should not miss out on the facts and numbers while writing the precis.


  • Size

Keep in mind that the length of the precis cannot exceed one-third of the original content


  • Utilization Of Indirect Speech

A Precis writing is completed by breaking down the perspective of a third individual, so it cannot employ the utilization of direct speech. It must be adequately done by utilizing indirect speech and introducing the other individual’s view in your summary.


  • Tense And Person

It needs to be written in the third person and past tense. On account of universal truth, the present tense needs to be utilized.


Dos and Don’ts of Precise Writing

After having the major idea of how to write precis writing – the last thing you would need to learn is a list of what you should do and what you shouldn’t. In case you are planning to take help from precise Assignment writing online services offering to do my assignment online – it is important that you have a basic idea about the dos and don’ts so you can proofread and edit your work before submitting it.



  • Always mention statistics increases the credibility of the precis.
  • Focus on listing the important points.
  • Write less. Use fewer words and expressions.
  • Make sure you always use indirect speech.
  • Retain the theme and concept of your precis.



  • Refrain from writing your own opinions, criticism, and remarks about the passage in the precis.
  • Do not overcomplicate the information and details.
  • do not use abbreviations or short forms. Use full forms only.
  • Do not go towards adding new content that can disturb the entire concept.
  • Make sure you do not prioritize wrong
  • Never ask questions in a precis



If you still worry about how to do assignment writing, it is always a good idea to contact online services that can help you with how to write precis in English. Else, you can take the help from our guide and ace your precis writing assignment.


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