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How To Ace Argumentative Essay Writing?


The argumentative essay includes a style of writing that includes some deep research and investigation of the topic. The main purpose of argumentative essay writing is to persuade the readers about the concepts, ideas, and claims you made throughout the document. However, it is necessary to collect maximum logical facts and figures to convince the readers. Most of the students confuse themselves between an expository and argumentative essay. The expository essay is normally shorter in length and therefore requires a less amount of research in comparison to the argumentative essay.

This specific type of essay demands deep research of the selected topic’s literature and other authentic and relevant published information. However, students have a free hand to collect the information through various credible sources, such as interviews, questionnaires, observations, and surveys. This is one of the best practices to collect relevant and reliable information and to effectively come to the winning conclusion for the selected topic of the essay.

The deep research of the topic allows the students to gather different points of view about the topic so that they can manage to organize the required information in the right way. This extensive research process allows the students to make the most significant decisions.

This paper is everything you need to know about the argumentative essay. Let’s discuss the main considerations and steps to follow in order to get the desired results of argumentative  essay writing;

Begin With An Attractive Point

The very start of your argumentative essay will be an introduction part where you have to introduce the objectives and exactly what you are going to explain audience throughout the paper. Make sure that you start your introduction with the most attractive, compelling, yet relevant point. It is a chance for you to grab the interest of the audience and engage them in your writing. However, you need to stay relevant.

Furthermore, make sure to provide a brief introduction to the topic so that readers could understand the purpose of your essay writing. A thesis statement is the most significant part of your essay. It is stated in the introductory paragraph of your essay. Always take some time when crafting a thesis statement as it is a pillar on which your entire writing will stand. If your writing and thesis statement contradict each other, your paper can be rejected based on irrelevancy.

Providing any statistical information in the introductory paragraph can engage the readers. You can also begin your writing with an engaging question. There are different strategies through which you can start your introduction of the essay, such as you can also start with telling an attractive story or a specific event. Make sure that you select the right approach to draft a thesis statement and to engage the readers.

You have to back your arguments in the introduction with the use of logical facts and data researched previously. Avoid providing so many details in the introductory paragraph, as it is an objective of the body section of the essay.

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Make An Outline Of Your Work

There is a straightforward outline of the argumentative essay. You simply have to interest the readers and make them understand what you are saying in the essay. Make sure that you provide brief detail about the selected topic while finding the solution to the problem at the same time.

The outline includes each and every detail of the important components. The sole objective of the outline is to keep you on the right track throughout the process of research and writing. There are many things that might slip away from your mind. So, make sure that you never start without comprehending the requirements and creating the outline.

Here is a complete detailed outline for an argumentative essay;

  • Begin with providing an interesting fact that can be a story, question, or any fact.
  • Make the readers understand the objectives of the research.
  • Provide a complete explanation of the problem and find the solution at the same time.
  • Make sure to provide both sides of the story and avoid being biased in the essay.
  • After explaining both sides of the debate, now select and indicate the selected side to the audience.
  • Make A decision based on the gathered facts and figures that are logical, relevant, and credible at the same time.
  • Finally, demonstrate the significance of the decision you made to the targeted audience.

Give Importance To The Body Section

The body section of the essay is the most effective part. It entails all the descriptions about the selected topic with the help of various sources of information. It consists of five detailed paragraphs providing logical facts and evidence. These logical pieces of evidence help to support the claim and arguments in the essay writing.

One of the best practices to begin with the argumentative body paragraph is to state a counterargument or oppose the situation. Furthermore, if you want to persuade the readers about the claims, make sure that you provide enough reasons to support your arguments. These reasons can be the topic sentences that you use throughout your essay.

Never forget to assist the reasons with the help of different pieces of evidence, examples, and stats. You can’t just include any reason in the body paragraph. Make sure that each reason is credible, relevant, and organised in the most systematic manner. This helps the audience to understand and to stay connected with the information throughout your essay.

How To Make Your Essay More Appealing?

If you follow simple and basic rules, I can guarantee you the best results of your argumentative essay; Let’s see and discuss the considerations that can guide you to construct a winning essay;

Select A Topic That Interests You

Especially for an argumentative essay, it is necessary to select a topic of your interest. It will help you to make the most relevant and logical arguments throughout the process of writing. Furthermore, it will make the research process much easier and more fun, as you already have some knowledge about the selected topic of your interest.

Make sure that you select such a topic that supports arguments. For example, “is death sanction effective to reduce rape cases?”

Perform An Extensive Research

The research is a core of every academic activity that is based on writing. You cannot complete your assignments without research skills and proper assignment writing help. Similarly, when it comes to an argumentative essay, you must have to perform some deep research on the topic. This research would help you to grasp the maximum knowledge for the selected topic of your essay.

When it comes to the argumentative essay, it becomes more necessary to gather enough information about the topic in order to be in a position of making arguments. If you don’t have enough knowledge, it is implied that you can’t make arguments effectively.

There are various sources available through which students can easily get information for all types. However, it is true that not every provided source on the internet is credible. You have to find out the authenticity and reliability of the source before selecting the same for your argumentative essay.

Enhance Your Argumentative Writing Style

Writing is a basic need of every other student regardless of any level. It doesn’t matter if you are a school, college, or university student, you must have to write a variety of assignments throughout your academic career. Other than assignments, writing skills are required in your semester assessments and final examinations. If you have understood the concept and have poor writing skills, believe me, you have to suffer a lot in your grades.

However, an argumentative essay requires a different writing style. It is not something of your regular assignments. You have to make sure that you adopt the argumentative writing style for the desired results.

Make The Maximum Use Of Active Voice

Instead of using passive voice in your argumentative writing, ensure to make the maximum use of active voice. It might sound like n old-school concept, but believe me, it actually enhances the readability of your essay. The use of active voice makes the audience feel the moments in writing. However, it is a common misunderstanding of the students that the use of passive voice sounds more academic, while it’s not, at all. The main drawback of passive voice is that it makes you feel bore.

Let’s see the difference between an active and passive voice through an example.

  • Active Voice: I wrote this article with passion and interest.
  • Passive Voice: With passion and interest, this article was written by me.

Avoid Repetitions Of Arguments

Make sure that you don’t repeat the arguments throughout the document. The repetition of the arguments and information actually decreases the level of trust among the readers as they consider your writing vague and not up to the point. Therefore, make sure that you stay relevant and don’t repeat any of the information, claims, or arguments.

Make Your Way Clear From Plagiarism

You can consider plagiarism as a virus in writing. If it results in your document, your essay can get rejected or you have to make plenty of revisions to meet the standards and requirements. Plagiarism results in writing when your teacher detects the copy score of the content in your document. It mostly results in writing when you copy the exact material from other authors and claims it as your own.

However, there are types of plagiarism, sometimes you might have no intentions of plagiarism but it can still result in plagiarism. You might be wondering how? Well, if you got unintentional results of plagiarism, there are 100% chances that you haven’t followed the right steps to successfully avoid plagiarism in your writing.

Here are few steps that can help you to avoid plagiarism in your essay;

  • Research relevant and research hard to gather the information to be used in your argumentative essay.
  • Now, paraphrase the information. Be Aware..!! Don’t change the meaning of the information when paraphrasing.
  • Always credit the genuine author of the information, rather than claiming it as your own thoughts.
  • Provide the citation to acknowledge the real author of the provided information.
  • The citation should include the name of the author and that specific year of publication.

Make The Use Of Easy And Effective Words

It is always good to use easy words and vocabulary to make the audience understand. The use of difficult words, technical terms, and jargon actually distract the readers. It is a misconception of many students that the use of difficulty can increase the quality of their writing, however, it actually gives a negative aspect to your writing.

Make sure that you use easy language so that readers can understand each and every counterargument you make throughout the document.


Writing an argumentative essay is not easy it seems to many students. It always requires a  good knowledge of the topic to produce the best results. Writing skills are a must if you want the right results of an argumentative essay. Make sure that you adopt the argumentative writing style if you want to achieve the goals of this specific type of essay. This entire article is specially designed for the students who are looking forwards to the argumentative essay help. I’m sure that this will guide you in the right direction to get top-quality results.

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